Mountainbiking - Sikadholic MTB

Cycling is a pretty amazing sport, and Hilongos is proud to have the so called SIKADHOLIC MTB called it for its own for over some decades now. While no single person can ‘own’ cycling, it belongs to all of this group and means something different to each and every person of the community. That is why it is so amazing.

There exists a lot of hobbies and interests such like basketball, volleyball, beach volleball, tennis, diving and further more here in Hilongos, but cycling has something special to always be passionate about, and there are a few different reasons for that.

Be a member of a bunch of friends with a shared interest and some amazing trails in and around Hilongos. Here you feel like you have found a place that belongs to you where you could be yourself, and that is awesome. This community will help you massively with self-confidence.

Cycling is great at pulling people together from all kinds of backgrounds, places, and age-groups. Where else can you find that than here in Hilongos? Be stoked to find such a diverse group of friends that you never have known otherwise. Cycling is something lusty and poses a challenge that as modern humans were rarely accustomed to these days. It gives a sort of perspective and makes one feel more humble for it.

Whether one is pushing ones fitness on a climb, pushing ones descending technique on a technical trail, or getting re-acquainted with mother nature in some remote unforgiving terrain, all of these things help you to feel more humble about the place in the world.

Love the feeling of adventure in Hilongos that comes with being out there absent of the modern world, where there are no conveniences, and you can not just bail out if you are feeling a bit tired. This is part of the reason that cycling helps to span such gaps between age groups and cultures.

Mother nature does not care how old you are or where you are from. The pain cave does not care. We are all in it together, because what else do we have?

Mountain biking in Hilongos allows you to be mindful since you can not just switch off while you are riding your bike. Mountain biking in Hilongos allows you to be mindful since you can not just switch off while you are riding your bike.

You will love that it forces you to focus on the trail, and filters everything else out. No mundane distractions. No thoughts of work. No worrying about the little things that do not matter. Just you and the bike. You will love the feeling of flow that comes when you are just absolutely nailing a section of trail; you are so focused that you barely have to think. The total tunnel vision and big adrenaline hits.

Last but not least, enjoy the feeling by cycling here in Hilongos and love what all of these things combined could have done for you. Your passion for the sport, willingness to learn, and your new-found self-confidence will have allowed you to travel the world following your passion.

Here you will meet some amazing people along the way in the mountains, find some incredible swarm of locality in the surrounding of Hilongos, and had some truly unforgettable experiences, all because of cycling.

Here in Hilongos at the West Shore of Leyte you can literally live this dream.

The past years have been amazing for cycling here in Hilongos, and you can be excited to learn what the next years will offer you.

The SIKADHOLIC MTB would like to share it is stoke with you, get you to excite about riding here in the surrounding of Hilongos, and to impart you the feeling of freedom and adventure in a community of like-minded people.