How to come to Hilongos

What ever transport links are looking for, whether by car, bus, multicab, plane, truck or boat, below we have compiled for you any direct or nearby transport links:

You are coming by car ?

Hilongos is to achieve very centrally on the north-south tangent of the National Highway AH26 coming from Tacloban via Baybay or from the direction of Ormoc along the west coast running road. From the south, Maasin City, it goes northwards along the west coast running road via Bato. Coming from Sogod, one traverse the Baybay - Maasin cordillera up to Bato and turn to the north along the west coastal running road . All the streets are fully of concreted, partially asphalted and released for the heavy traffic. If you use the ferry boat coming from Cebu, so help yourself by the port as described below.


You prefer to travel by airplane ?

You reach the domestic airport of Tacloban and drive by jeepney, multicab or by van from there downtown to the terminal in Tacloban, where you transfer to a van (Van Van's), which will take you to the center of Hilongos. The trip takes about 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the traffic situation in the center of Tacloban and the weather conditions at the hilly area of the mountain range.

If you use the international airport of Cebu, so take a taxi to the port and transfer to the appropriate pier of one of the shipping lines. The taxi ride takes about 30 minutes, the ship transfer almost 5 hours.

You travel by boat or ferry boat ?

You can reach Hilongos over the relatively well-developed port by car and passenger ferry from Cebu or Bohol. The shipping lines Gabisan Shipping Lines or the Roble Shipping call at the port towards Cebu daily. Coming from the direction of Bohol one use the leopard Shipping Line.

Hilongos can be reached from all directions with a variety of bus routes and various minibus companies (Van Van's) as well as other transport facilities. Just ask somebody in the nearest major city how you can come to Hilongos and one will help you without any difficulty.