Sister Cities of Hilongos

How gladly Hilongos would be to contract a partnership with a twinned town or city in Europe, America or Japan.. Many historical ties were made to Spain, Portugal, America or Japan.

Certainly with a town twinning link the way of the historical mutuality could be paved for new. For example, some citizens have been married for many years to foreigners from these countries, which enriches the community of Hilongos culturally commercial and intellectual..


Hilongos provides vitality

Many friendships and family ties have been formed in the last 25 years. One see you, one greets you to another, respected one and learns from one another. This is the basis of a true friendship. Many foreigners, who maintain some very close relationships to each other enrich as well the cultural life here in Hilongos. This applies to be expanded in the context of globalization. The world is just closer to Hilongos and Hilongos closer to the world.

Let us take the next step together.



Hilongos, a city with many innovative ideas

Hilongos stands on the threshold to tread of new steps in the future. An archaic trading metropolis that is brought back to life. Not only in the nearby surrounding areas, there are tourist attractions, but also particularly in the center of Hilongos.

The city produces rice, not only for their own use, abaca and coconut raw product that could be used in the automotive industry as a substitute for various plastics. The growing demand for "virgin coconut oil" could certainly also be covered from the surrounding mountains. The preparation of linin for the specific industry. Dried fruits such as banana chips, mangos and other fruits for the upmarket patisserie in the world markets. Handicrafts and decorations for the home interior. All this and more can be found in Hilongos.

One has only to touch.

Confidence and vision through partnership

Many well-educated young nurses are known worldwide for their helpfulness, humanity and benevolence in all social services in Japan, America and Europe. On the one hand the strength of our fellow citizens would be available to alleviate such suffering and misery of the elderly in said countries. On the other hand, the city would also like to help here at this site in a form of a new project. Via an attached link of the "General Hospital", for example, it could be possible to reduce the social charges and loads of cities to in the said countries.

You should talk about it, Hilongos is ready.

Hilongos is different. Hilongos is wild and naughty. Hilongos is cosmopolitan, with many ideas and vision. Hilongos is Christian, and from evil. Hilongos offers culture, tradition and civilization. Hilongos provides life, security and tranquility. Hilongos fulfilled the dream of a carefree life in the evening.

Therefore Hilongos is in search of a true twinning to share this feeling with others.