Health & Socials

Hilongos has a functioning health care system at a good level. Hilongos belongs in the top group of municipalities in Leyte when it comes to health and well-being. The investment for the health facilities ensure the standard and allow scope for the future.

Prevention of long-term health

In addition to medical care, prevention is increasingly necessary. The screening is done by priority actions: Supported are services in the health sector (Aids, Cancer etc.), self-care and prenatal activities, exercising groups, etc.

In addition to volunteer services Hilongos fullfill the legal obligations in community medical affairs ("City Medical Services"), the "Physicians on Call" and "Health services for kindergartens and schools" as well as "Parental Advisory". In order to mitigate risk factors, particularly by children, examinations are conducted in kindergartens and schools, immunizations and parental counseling.

Good medical care

The heart of the medical care of Hilongos is the medically and economically well-running General Hospital for the basic service. The house provides ??? beds and covers the following areas:

  • internal medicine
  • surgery
  • gynecology and obstetric care
  • alternative medicine for children and youth
  • orthopedy
  • X-ray
  • anesthesia and intensive care
  • trauma surgical unit for basic care

A multidisciplinary day surgery and intensive care, physiotherapy and a rehabilitation facility as well as a central laboratory, consultant department of dental medicine, neurology and skin diseases, complete the offer. The Babtist Hospital is on the cutting edge of basic services and is actively guided and managed by doctors studying abroad, mainly in the U.S.

Recovery and atmosphere

In the field of atmosphere the General Hospital might get a forceful jerk in the right direction. The Babtist Hospital is already a big step further. It was heavily investing and expanded in the last 2 years to include a private ward. Both facilities include a well-trained staff to manage patients with great commitment. Due to its equipment and operational structure with long-term care facilities, the Babtist Hospital is well-running operated. On the other hand the General Hospital reflects a better primary care.

Both hospitals alongside the private clinics who are specialized in their own way, ensure a dedicated primary health care for the population of Hilongos and care for all patients.