General guidelines of Hilongos

The vision of Hilongos illustrates the objectives and basic design of a city.

Hilongos is forward looking and mainly designed to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Hilongos in the center of it's view. With its help the situation of Hilongos should be further enhanced, the positive image intensified and the existing attractiveness of Hilongos expanded.

The basis of various interviews of citizens by the administration developed a model for all stakeholders in Hilongos to establish binding guidelines and provides the necessary arguments for future decisions. Hilongos will continue to grow dynamically as an open concept with the administration and its citizens.

The administration committed acts in compliance and fulfillment of this statement mission.

General guidelines

Target group

The city takes care of all citizens and their concerns. Due to demographic change and to improve the existing social structure of mostly young families and singles with better education and moderate incomes, as well elderly people, Hilongos will try to attract a new group of person to move down in the community.

Unique feature

The particular strength of Hilongos is the close connection between urbanity and nature.

Highlight strengths

Hilongos intends to strengthen its position as a community, and raise the centrality.

Hilongos establish itself as a good residential and business location and will strengthen the necessary infrastructure.

Hilongos wants to achieve a high quality standard for all activities.

Embrace new challenges


Attitudes and behavior


Strategic objective


Fields of action

Association between urbanity and nature


In Hilongos one can make good shopping and living. But the exceptional quality of this combination should be better highlighted in the future.

Therefore it will be considered in the planning law "lively" and "quiet" areas.
The combination between urban and recreational experience will also be closer by using the "green belt" . The recreation areas and urban parks are to be optimized.

The qualitative high demand on the quality of free expansion space in Hilongos is preserved and should be strengthened in the further in the sense of ecological responsibility.

Centrality and mobility


Hilogos should become more attractive as a residential area. All people at all life stages and in every situation should be able to find reasonable, in the infrastructur well-integrated and high quality living space. Downtown areas that are not yet available, should be developed. Other new developments are playing a secondary Hilongos


Education and culture


Education and culture have, as a site-related factors for Hilongos, a great importance. They contribute in account to the social structure of Hilongos and strengthen the identification of the population with "their" place of residence. With its significance bit it also will support the aim to strengthen Hilongos as a business location.




Hilongos is willing to expand its business through targeted economic development with the help of the Province of Leyte into a major economic center with medium sized enterprises on the west coast of Leyte.


High claim to quality in all activities


With themed events of high quality Hilongos will be for its citizens and residents of the surrounding area an attractive center of attraction. In Hilongos quality comes before quantity.


Emotions, traditions and values of the total communty


Hilongos ist sich seiner eigenen Geschichte und der Traditionen bewusst und pflegt diesen Facettenreichtum auf hohem Niveau. Dadurch wird die Identifikation der Bürger mit ihrer Stadt gesteigert.

Hilongos is aware of its own history and traditions of the conscious and maintains this rich diversity at a high level. Thus increased the identification of citizens with their urban municipality.


Commune of citizens


The administration supports civic engagement with a vivid awareness of their responsibility to promote social interaction. More involvement of the citizenry of Hilongos will be strengthened the citizens' identification and the relationships between all their districts.



Hilongos focus on realistic and achievable goals. Therefore, the individual requirements of the mission statement will be regularly reviewed to objectivity and can be optimized if required.