Gastronomic Specialties

The traditional cuisine of the Philippines is varied and depends on the influences of different cultures. You can find dishes and influences from China and Malaysia, particularly from Spain, whose 300-year domination of the country shaped the Filipino cuisine very much. About 80% of the Philippine dishes have recognized Spanish influences. After the end of World War II the America's habits of eating won more and more influence. These include not only the popular fast food chains all over seen, but as well the preference for canned fruits that are processed in the Philippines to independent dishes.

Although the Philippine cuisine uses plenty of chili, the dishes are not nearly as sharp as in other East Asian cuisines usual.

  Shredded green Achara
  Papaya with carrots and onions, cooked with ginger and vinegar as an accompaniment to many grilled dishes.

Braised chicken or pork dish, marinated in vinegar and bay leaf, refined with soy sauce, garlic and onions. It is often prepared as a combination of both meats.


Boiled, 16 - 18-day-old breeded duck eggs with half-hatched embryo. A true culinary adventure. It supposedly has the effect of an aphrodisiac.


A special banana, potato-like taste, which is skewered grilled on a small wooden skewer and then caramelized with sprinkled sugar on, or is coated with a mixture of honey .


A predominantly in freshwater living fish that can be cooked in many ways, but is often served with a delicious filling of potatoes, tomatoes, onions and sweet fruits.


A lusty Chinese noodle soup with pork and a mix of offal as an ingredient. A real specialty of the region.

  A dessert made from rice flour, sugar and grated coconut.
  Cooked thickened sticky rice, with brown sugar and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves.
  Cameron Rebosaclo
  Deep fried prawns or shrimp.
  Crispy Pata

A crispy fried pork knuckle. It is usually cut into small pieces and dipped in a spicy sauce made from vinegar and soy oil with chilli peppers.

  Small chopped giblets, seasoned with chilli, pepper, a little fried bacon, cooked in fresh blood.

A collective term for dishes made with coconut milk. Mostly one find cooked dishes of meat, fish or vegetable and even a dessert made of coconut milk. These may be jackfruit, banana and rice.


Literally translated as "mix-mix". A very popular dessert made from shredded and sliced fruits, corn and oats, mixed ice, usually topped with some kind of canned or coconut milk.


A cooked milk fish pickled in banana leaves.

  Dog meat, once a typical dish of the Philippines. Due to protests from foreign animal welfare groups it was officially banned.
  A braised dish made from beef or pork rind or oxtail, offal and thick peanut sauce.

Raw fish or shrimp chopped in small pieces, prepared in a spicy marinade of coconut vinegar, tomatoes, onions, garlic, chili and other savory spices. Highly recommended is the combination of Kinilaw Pusit with crispy fried pork meat, interesting as well to try Kinilaw: raw squid.


One of the very finest food fish of the region with firm flesh, prepared in many varieties, grilled, fried or boiled. Especially tasty in the version of: Lapulapu "sweet and sour". It bears the name of the first Philippine national hero who defeated Magellan on Cebu.


Crispy roasted suckling pig, which will be administered with a companion sauce consisting of soy sauce, onions, garlic and a little bit of kalaminsi. Instead of the administered sauce one love to repace it by "Bahalina", a fermented coconut wine. An integral part of every feast.


Small spring rolls, Chinese origin, suitable as a snack, filled with a mixture of vegetables and meat or shrimp. Here are 4 different types. Lumpiang Shanghai: A mixture of pork and spices, served as an appetizer, Lumpiang Labong with bamboo shoots, Lumpiang with Peanuts and Lumpiang Sariwa mainly with vegetables.


Lusty noodle soup with different ingredients. Very popular in this region is Chicken Mami.


In different variations prepared pasta dishes, served with shredded pork or chicken meat, shrimp and vegetables. Very popular are Pancit Guisado or Pancit Canton

  Collective term for small snacks or appetizers

Small chopped heart of the banana blossom, enriched with coconut milk and refined with various local spices as a raw vegetable side dish for a variety of meals.

  General term for all types of grill dishes.
  A boullabaise-like, slightly sour fish soup cooked with vegetables and tamarind. Sometimes it is served with chicken, beef or pork.

Light-colored, stewed dough ball, means under damp steamed, filled with pork or chicken

  Deep-fried sweet banana, rolled in flaky pastry then turned into sugar or honey.